Risu at SuperSec 2018!

RISU team
Risu at SuperSec 2018!! We’re pleased to announce that Risu will be present in Almería, Spain during 12-13 May SuperSec congress. Supersec focuses on Secure development of software and there, Risu has something to say… Risu as you know is valid for validating that a deployed system is safe against known issues at any level: configuration, package versioning, security, etc Recently we’ve also extended Risu to better behave with not only Red Hat ecosystem of products, but also expanded to increase tests on:

Risu at 2018!

RISU team
Risu at 2018!! Risu had a slot during 2018 held in Brno, CZ If you were unable to attend, bear in mind that there’s a recording available at Slides used are available at Regards!