RISU team
How to file a bug report If you have any suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to open an issue. How to contribute code We encourage you to contribute new plugins. We use gerrithub for reviewing proposed changes. The submission process looking something like this: Clone the Risu repository: git clone Configure the git-review tool: git-review -s Check out a branch in which to make your changes:


RISU team
Changelog hilights This file will contain a manually mantained log of hilights between versions, it’s not a very extensive detail, but some of the bigger changes/ideas will be added here. Check What’s new: tag for more updated information. 2018-03-25 Implement --find to Risu so that it can grep across a folder set for checking historic data for tests. 2018-03-18 Magui autogrouping support, generating files for each comparison set like osp roles, same hostname, etc.