Risu: What's new? 2018-07-02

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What’s new?

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    • We had discussions in the past about info that we could provide that was not really a Error. After some extra feedback we did add the RC_INFO exit code to the tests, so that for example xsos output is also provided with Risu results so that it can be quickly checked also from the Web UI
  • overrides.json
    • Allows to override fields in the results json with some values, for example to force updates of the titles, urls, etc in the results returned.
  • --anon
    • Allows to anonymize results by removing contents of err and out fields in Risu.json so that it doesn’t leak any information.
  • rhv-log-collector-analyzer-live support.
    • Risu now does report on live executions the information reported from rhv-log-collector-analizer-live --json thanks to the great work done by Douglas Landgraf.
  • Since commit 9505c0cca15c5d55cdf5dbd7b5a1e271f03f7234 we’ve removed plugins that were previously made available as we were requested.