Risu: 1 year anniversary

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Time flies!

We’re 1 year old

When you look back in time, some dates are more important than others because of what they bring to memory, for us Sun Jun 11 12:45:38 2017 +0200 is a special date…

One year ago, this commit https://github.com/Risuorg/Risu/commit/fd5e56fbd946ba12aaef5e3776c341c4eab6b882 from Robin, demonstrated our commitment to make issue diagnostics faster and easier by putting automation and Risu was born.

Since then, lot of new things happened:

Want some numbers?

  • 1507 commits
  • 480 issues (enhancements, etc) closed
  • 28 contributors
  • 54 ‘stars’ on repo

Thanks a lot for all your support during this period and counting on it for the years to come!

Do contribute to get us to the next level!

Happy birthday Risu!!