How to file a bug report

If you have any suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to open an issue.

How to contribute code

We encourage you to contribute new plugins. We use gerrithub for reviewing proposed changes. The submission process looking something like this:

  1. Clone the Risu repository:

    git clone
  2. Configure the git-review tool:

    git-review -s
  3. Check out a branch in which to make your changes:

    git checkout -b "your-new-branch"
  4. Edit your files and validate with tox:

    tox # this will check the changes for some errors
    1. NOTE: tox will run python 2.7, pep8 and python 3.5 tests, if your environment lacks for example python 3.5, do execute tox -l to see the available tests and skip that one, for example:

      tox -e pep8
      tox -e py27
      # We're skipping tox -e py35 which is also invoked by default when tox is executed without arguments.
    2. In this way, errors that might be relevant to the test environment can be skipped. For example this one reported at issue tracker as 104)

  5. Update your local repository:

    git add $modified_files
    git commit
    For the message, please use a short line with the fix and the subject like `[plugins][openstack][nova] Check nova configuration XXX`
    If the commit fixes a github open issue, also use `Closes #$ISSUEID` so github automatically closes it once merged referencing the commit.
  6. Submit your changes for review:


Then wait for your changes to be reviewed. It is common for reviewers to request changes; when this happens:

  1. Edit your files and revalidate with tox:

    tox # this will check the new changes for some errors
  2. Update your existing commit. Do not create a new commit!

    git add $modified_files
    git commit --amend
  3. Resubmit the change:


You can see pending and already merged actual changes at:

  1. Once the new plugin has been submitted you’ll see some comments from ‘Risu Jenkins’ which is running Unit tests against it (same ones that you run with tox)

  2. If Jenkins gives ‘Verified +1’, next step is wait for one reviewer to give final ACK and merge the change.

How to write tests

Please refer to the templates folder for examples.

If you want to contribute also Unittests for your plugins, check

For contributing translations check

How to debug your test

We’ve included a file named in the root folder of Risu repo that allows to be sourced and later execute your script.

This environment file will define the standard variables Risu does use like:


And will preload the common-functions

The way to use it is:

. ~/Risu/

Then you can debug your script with:

sh -x /path/to/your/

Or test individual functions output like:

is_rpm qemu-kvm-rhev

Please, do note that as some functions do ‘exit’ or ‘return’ for example executing is_rpm_over will exit the active shell, so beware!!